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Kat is a wife, mother, birth doula and, a fiber artist. Much of Kat’s work as a doula, experience as a mother and her intimate relationship with the outdoors inspires her art. Her pieces are lovingly influenced by both the spiritual and natural world and created using natural forest forages, the finest fiber materials resourced from companies around the world centered around both environmental sustainability and ethical sheep husbandry, and cruelty-free, naturally molted feathers which she sources mainly from small hobby farmers. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Kat’s work is available for purchase online, through local Baltimore and D.C. area vendors and by custom order.

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Asymmetry + Fire

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Environmental Defense Fund

Dimensions: 44” x 17”

Textile: Natural White Ecru Alpaca/Merino, Sienna Red and Smokey Blue Gray Hen Feathers



how do we begin to heal? How do we rise? A devotion of humble, just, gracious humanity. A mediation (a practice none to simple) in holding all beings in the light.

Dimensions: 46”x 24”

Textile: natural white ecru spun alpaca and merino and merino roving and chocolate speckled brown merino (hoop) / dozens and dozens of white hen primary and tail feather and various caramel and espresso speckled and striped turkey feathers



as we all organically are, be it best that we leave a mark or nothing at all?

Dimensions: (A) 32” x 12” (B) 37” x 10”

Textile: Musky black, charcoal, honey brown and olive merino roving with blend of onyx spun and unspun fibers of merino and alpaca detailed with dozens of espresso black hen secondary and primary feathers



what’s lost is always found.

Dimensions : 35” x 18”

Natural ecru alpaca and merino spun fiber and soft icy gray merino roving, hoops in whiskey barrel and chocolate speckled warm brown, pale taupe wraps, and dozens of deep fluffy brown and golden iridescent black tipped turkey feathers and mossy turkey down.



rebirth, devotion, commitment.

Dimensions: 29”x46”

Textile: natural white ecru merino and alpaca spun and unspun fibers/golden brown speckled spun merino/dozens of brown speckled hen, brown hen and espresso hen primary and tail feathers/golden driftwood


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If you have specific custom order requests, please let me know and we will work together to build a piece that is special to you.

I prefer to utilize fibers of neutral tones and add small pops of color here and there. What are the colors of the room it will be placed in? Are there any colors you feel particularly drawn to?


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