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Baltimore based textile artist Kat Jacobs began her art studies in childhood, initially focusing on pastels, watercolors, and charcoal. Kat’s current body of work, however, the symbiosis of natural textiles, evolved organically in 2016 as a fundamental therapeutic expression following the birth of her first child. Drawing inspiration from her own motherhood, her previous professional work as a birth doula, and her intimate relationship with the outdoors from several years spent in the mountains of western North Carolina, Kat’s current medium Invokes her earnest adoration of both the spiritual and natural world. Using foraged forest and shore elements, wool fiber materials humanely resourced around the world, and cruelty-free, naturally molted feathers sourced primarily from small hobby farmers and bird sanctuaries, Kat maintains the utmost commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical husbandry practices. Her purposefully worded descriptions and titles truly capture her desire to tap into the soul of each piece beneath its tactile properties. Tedious yet fluid, texturally dynamic yet simple, Kat’s work simultaneously evokes a semblance of tranquility and peace while also accepting and honoring the fragility of the human experience.

Group Exhibitions
2022 Feathers The Ward Museum Salisbury, MD

Several of Kat’s pieces are currently in the collection of The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art in Salisbury from May 19 2022 through September, 18 2022 in Salisbury, Maryland.

Kat’s work is available for purchase online, through local Baltimore and D.C. area vendors and by custom order.

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Fly Me to The Moon

What’s it like out there?
Is it better than down here?
Must surely be… so magnificent at night…
Or am I blinded by that light?
So I can’t see the way the earth sparkles beneath my own two feet.

Dimensions: 44” x 22”

Textiles: Natural Ecru White alpaca and merino wool roving fibers. Chocolate brown and white speckled hen feathers.

Please note : this piece will be in the collection of The Ward Museum from 5/20/22 through 9/18/22, at which time it will be shipped directly to buyer.

$675 / free US shipping

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