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I don’t know how my husband and I could have gone through labor without Kat. She was a sense of calm and encouragement during a time that I imagine could be very stressful. We were referred to Kat through a very good friend and at our first meeting, my husband and I knew that she would be the absolute best person for us. She has a warmness to her that was instantly comfortable.

At our first meeting after hiring her, Kat patiently talked us through the labor process and went over techniques she found to be comforting to her ‘mothers’. I appreciated how flexible she was to encourage a labor process that was what my husband and I wanted. She provided us with a DVD – the business of being born and samples of birthing plans – both of which she was available to answer follow up questions we had. As we got closer to the birth – Kat followed up with me to see how I was doing. When I had a question, she was only a text message or phone call away. When I was worried about feeling something different – she was immediately available to soothe my fears and provide reassurance as to the ‘normalness’ of what my body was going through.

The day I went into Labor – Kat was there every step of the way and when it was ‘go’ time. She was at our home ready to be our labor coach – a calming spirit. With each contraction, I felt put at ease through Kat’s relaxation techniques. I felt in a trance throughout the labor – and although I was open to receiving an epidural if I felt I needed one – I attribute our natural childbirth to Kat’s ability to help me through labor with her suggestions and techniques for making each part of the process more manageable. My husband and I are blessed to be parents of an amazing daughter – we are so glad we had Kat by our side to be our advocate during her birth.

Laura A.

Kat was my doula for the birth of my second child, and I can’t say enough positive things about the labor and delivery experience that I had with her by my side!

My husband and I initially met with Kat a couple of times during my third trimester to go over techniques and suggestions that would help me through a natural labor and delivery process. Kat was also able to assist in writing a short, concise birth plan for hospital staff to follow. This preparation leading up to my labor and delivery helped me feel very well prepared and confident for my baby’s birth day, and it helped Kat and my husband know the types of comfort measures that I’d be open to during labor and delivery.

Having Kat as my doula really helped me go through the labor and delivery process in a very natural and instinctual way. The only thing that I had to focus on during the labor and delivery was the baby. Kat was able to make very helpful suggestions to my husband and I to keep me focused, comfortable and positive. She was also able to help me labor as much as possible at home (in my comfortable surroundings) before heading to the hospital, and once we did arrive at the hospital, the staff were well versed in my desires for a natural delivery.

All in all, I was very happy that we worked with Kat for the birth of our son and would definitely recommend her services!

Susan L.