Kat is a wife, mother and birth doula serving, educating, empowering, loving and advocating for families in the Baltimore, Annapolis and DC areas. As a birth professional for almost a decade, Kat has worked intimately with many of the hospitals, birthing centers and in homes, supporting women in those regions. The focal point of Kat’s work as a doula is grounded in bringing her clients back to awareness that birth is, in its very essence, the most basic, natural and instinctual process we undergo as a species. As highly intelligent beings we are so driven to over analyze and intellectualize a process that is so indigenous to our bodies, therefore giving our bodies permission to lead in the domain of birth is essential. Also essential to that process is the recognition that every body has its own journey. And as long each women’s path is respected, loved, and informed she can be blessed into motherhood feeling empowered.

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What to Expect

A short list of what you can expect from me as your doula. However, please note, that every mama and her family, and their needs, are different. and therefore, it is my intentions to offer my role tailored to each woman I am honored to support.

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A list, constantly growing, of pracitioners I am grateful to in our community that can also offer support to you during your birth journey.

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Nothing is more powerful for the expectant mother, than hearing beautiful real accounts of birth, the highs and lows, the unbiased, un-media censored versions of the potentials of love, support, and grace. I am grateful to many of my clients for sharing their experiences of birth with me.

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On Birthing and Beyond

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