Women are often wondering how best they can prepare they bodies for pregnancy and how best they can manage the health of their bodies during pregnancy so that the space inside their souls and their wombs is a mecca of health for the light that is to flourish and thrive within them as their babies grow. A nutritious diet packed with whole foods, a lifestyle with balanced levels of exercise and stress reduction, and supplements including vitamins and herbs can support the increased chances of fertility and support the growing fetus safely and naturally.

But where to begin? Within each of those categories: nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements – there is a wealth of wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives and therefore the lives of our children even from the very star. Our midwives, birth professionals, and lactation specialists are always a good source to connect with regarding the areas we could make positive changes in in our lives to better equip our bodies for optimal health and pregnancy. I plan to indulge in subsequent blogs that will cover all of those caveats as well. However, in this blog, I would like to focus on herbs, and namely in, tea.

This is my favorite beverage for pregnancy. A nutrient rich supplement (including iron, calcium, and many vitamins and trace minerals) that can be drank now in preparation for pregnancy to strengthen the uterus and during pregnancy to potentially shorten the length of labor. It can be drank both hot and cold and and is beneficial to consume during the postpartum period as well as it aids in milk production. I call it Nourishment Tea.

Drink Your Tea | Kat Jacobs CD-DONA

Nourishment Tea

  • Two parts Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Two parts Nettle
  • One half part Rose Hips
  • One fourth part Spearmint Leaf

Place a 1/4 cup pf the mixture in a quart size jar. Add boiling water. Cover and steep for a minimum of 30 minutes to two hours. Strain, sweeten (if desired) and drink 1-4 cups daily.

Loose herbs can be sourced from a variety of online markets. I have listed a few below. Perhaps even better however is to connect with, and develop a growing relationship with, your local herbalist and apothecaries. Jenny Ehrhardt, owner of Zensations By Jen, has been my go to in obtaining herbs for pregnancy and postpartum, advice and who I refer my clients to as well.

Happy sipping!

Online Markets

Click on any of the online markets below to visit their websites.

Frontier Co-op
Zach Woods Herb Farm
Woodland Essence
Mountain Rose Herbs
Sparrowtail Teas (MD local farm)
One Straw Farm (MD local farm)