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Kat is a wife, mother, birth doula and, a fiber artist. Much of Kat’s work as a doula and experience as a mother inspires her art. Her pieces are lovingly influenced by both the spiritual and natural world and created using natural forest forages and the finest fiber materials resourced from companies around the world centered around both environmental sustainability and ethical sheep husbandry. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind however able to be replicated with some variance. Kat’s work is available for purchase online, through local Baltimore and D.C. area vendors and by custom order. If you would like to place a custom order or purchase a gift certificate please follow the links at the bottom of the shop page.



A devotion to daily expression of gratitude. And love. And vulnerability. Emotional fearlessness with the intention of deepening our connections. A giving heart. Saying it all, as if today, was our last.

The most beautiful people are open here. I am so grateful for their influences and each and every, I love you.

8” and 12” hoops wrapped in soft downy alpaca. Two panels of unspun targhee, and spun merino and alpaca fibers in natural fawn white are detailed with dozens of ocellated turkey feathers and fall 32”


Una | unique, simple beauty. Ethereal.

I just love the feel of crafting and creating with this design. The pieces themselves are so fat and supple. About 2.5” thick. They give such a cozy warm texture to wall space.

Una falls 28” long with a blend of warm milky fibers in merino, alpaca and targhee roving hung by two hoops (6” and 8”) wrapped in a speckled salmon dyed alpaca. Dozens of Rene’s blue gray hen saddle feathers detail the upper panel.



Customize or Gift a Wall Hanging

Custom Wall Hanging

If you have specific custom order requests, please let me know and we will work together to build a piece that is special to you.

I prefer to utilize fibers of neutral tones and add small pops of color here and there. What are the colors of the room it will be placed in? Are there any colors you feel particularly drawn to?


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