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Kat is a wife, mother, birth doula and, a fiber artist. Much of Kat’s work as a doula and experience as a mother inspires her art. Her pieces are lovingly influenced by both the spiritual and natural world and created using natural forest forages and the finest fiber materials resourced from companies around the world centered around both environmental sustainability and ethical sheep husbandry. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind however able to be replicated with some variance. Kat’s work is available for purchase online, through local Baltimore and D.C. area vendors and by custom order. If you would like to place a custom order or purchase a gift certificate please follow the links at the bottom of the shop page.


Blue Ridge

Living with those mountains, a place of peace and mindfulness that literally changed the course of my life in just being present there.

A friend there, from those mountains, a ginseng farmer in those mountains, always spoke of the oracles that resided there. A piece of it still resides with me.

A pair, each a 6” circumference, wrapped in smokey charcoal alpaca stretching a length of 21” of chunky blue gray merino. Worsted wool with speckled baby blue, periwinkle and heather gray wrap natural russet saddle feathers.

FOR SALE: $215

You can’t take my Fire

For they who came before; for they who once were. You have to lose your mind a little, in order to find it. And this is not that heady. These are just pretty things. But those are my thoughts.

A “6 circumference hanging just over 2 feet long. Sultry rust roving fibers paired with a chunky merino/alpaca/acrylic rust blended yarn with pops of mustard and auburn trellising little red rooster.

These brilliant babes will be a part of Feathers & Fiber’s fall collection for sale at Crimson and Clover this September. $105 a peice or $185 for the pair.

Wee Dreamers

A collection inspired by all the Little Dreamers, my smallest wall hangings yet.

4”circumferences of earthen warm toned worsted wools stretching about a foot long in a blend of targhee roving and alpaca/merino blended yarns with natural toned saddle feathers.

Sage Gray is available.


Leo Moon

The lunar energy the past full moon in Leo brought about such a profound opportunity for me to support birth (my other hat) in a way unlike I have had yet to experience…

This moon calls us to reawaken to our original blessings and connect hearts with the heart of the earth, healing our wounds and nurturing the feminine principal in all creation.

A two paneled hanging. The bottom, a 6” circumference wrapped in deep earthen taupe wool and 26“ of blended ivory targhee roving, merino and alpaca yarns. The top, a 10” circumference wrapped in a mauve rose and salmon speckled wool with 26” of burnt sienna roving and merino yarns. Rooster hackle feathers. SCROLL for closer look at details!

FOR SALE: $215

Customize or Gift a Wall Hanging

Custom Wall Hanging

If you have specific custom order requests, please let me know and we will work together to build a piece that is special to you.

I prefer to utilize fibers of neutral tones and add small pops of color here and there. What are the colors of the room it will be placed in? Are there any colors you feel particularly drawn to?


Give the Gift of Fiber

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