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Educating, Empowering, Loving and Advocating

Kat is a wife, mother and birth doula serving, educating, empowering, loving and advocating for families in the Baltimore, Annapolis and DC areas. As a birth professional for almost a decade, Kat has worked intimately with many of the hospitals, birthing centers and in homes, supporting women in those regions. The focal point of Kat’s work as a doula is grounded in bringing her clients back to awareness that birth is, in its very essence, the most basic, natural and instinctual process we undergo as a species. As highly intelligent beings we are so driven to over analyze and intellectualize a process that is so indigenous to our bodies, therefore giving our bodies permission to lead in the domain of birth is essential. Also essential to that process is the recognition that every body has its own journey. And as long each women’s path is respected, loved, and informed she can be blessed into motherhood feeling empowered.

I have had the privilege of working alongside of Kat for several birth journeys. I highly recommend her! Kat has a gentle, attentive, and calming presence. With heart, and hands, and mind she provides exactly what the woman and her partner needs each step of the way. She meets them exactly where they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is in her words and whispers, in her touch and energy, in her creative catering of the senses…use of positions, lighting, music, aromatherapy, inhales, and exhales. Her trust in the birth process and her awareness and intuition into the needs of each woman are evident and provide a safe harbor of love, support, encouragement, and awe.

Pam Manuel-Barone CNW, St. Joesph Hospital

What to Expect

A short list of what you can expect from me as your doula. However, please note, that every mama and her family, and their needs, are different. and therefore, it is my intentions to offer my role tailored to each woman I am honored to support

  • Free initial interview where I come to your home or meet in a public place like a park, coffee shop, bookstore and you all have a chance to get to know me and ask any logistical and philosophical questions you may have for me, my scope of practice, and what you should expect from a labor support professional.
  • 1-2 prenatal visits in your home to discuss you preference and goals for your labor and birth, prepare birth plans, discuss comfort measures in labor, relaxations techniques, and what to expect in different settings for birth as well as discuss any apprehensions and concerns you and your partner may have.

  • On call two weeks before and after estimate due dates

  • Unlimited 24-hour phone contact
  • Postpartum visit a week or two after birth

What Clients Are Saying…

I cannot fully express how grateful I am to have had Kat’s support before, during and after the birth of our son! As first time parents, my husband and I were both nervous and excited. While we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our son, we were also uncertain what to expect and daunted by the process of labor and delivery as well as the many decisions that accompany it.

Mary M.

We were incredibly grateful to have Kat with us for the birth of our first child. We believe we would have “gotten through it” together, but with Kat, it became a wonderful experience. Our journey was not exactly what we planned or expected… but it ended up being exactly how it needed to be. Contractions started on a Thursday morning and went into Friday morning before we decided to go to the hospital.

Glen C.

Kat was wonderful! She was professional, reliable, and communicative. She provided us with a great deal of information on hospitals, midwives, comfort measures during labor, and more in the months leading up to the delivery. During labor she came prepared with a bunch of tools to mitigate the pain and was at the hospital in the middle of the night shortly after we asked her to come in.

Tricia A.

My husband and I welcomed our baby boy a week early, and the birthing process happened quickly. When we contacted Kat shortly after midnight I was already in active labor. Kat reached the hospital right when we did and remained by my side. Her gentle and calm presence was crucial for my staying relaxed during an unmedicated labor.

Jannon B.

Kat was my doula for the birth of my second child, and I can’t say enough positive things about the labor and delivery experience that I had with her by my side!

Susan L.

I don’t know how my husband and I could have gone through labor without Kat. She was a sense of calm and encouragement during a time that I imagine could be very stressful. We were referred to Kat through a very good friend and at our first meeting, my husband and I knew that she would be the absolute best person for us. She has a warmness to her that was instantly comfortable.

Laura A.
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